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this is literally the best argument ive ever read wow

ellie goulding needs to chill

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Going HUGE

Video Here

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“I hate him,” toews deadpanned, eliciting a laugh from kane.

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Haha I’m dead

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Do whatever you want damnit.

Fill your body with fruit. Eat cookies all day. Pack your stuff and go see the world. Game all day with the blinds shut. Meet new people. Run through a flower field until your legs fall off. Get an office job. Sleep until 2pm.

Just do what makes you hella happy, for fuck sake.

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the sun has come out

the sun is gay

*white girl voice* why are the hot ones always gay

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“To be, …OR NAH?”

William Shakespeare (via ora-le)

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Meet Vivian Boyack and Alice “Nonie” Dubes. Vivian is 91. Nonie is 90. And after 72 years together, they got married in Iowa this weekend, holding hands the whole time. I’m not crying, you’re crying. (via the Huffington Post)

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Germany National Team + textposts

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"He now has to learn a whole new way to protect himself."

Tyler Hoechlin & Meagan Tandy on Wolf Watch

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